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April 3, 2014


So, I said earlier that I was out to become a "Rubyist".  This is still true, and I'm finally ready to get back on that wagon.  What have I been doing?  Well, I've been spending time on CodeSchool.  I found a Groupon a while back and just went for it.

I'm pretty happy with CodeSchool so far.  According to them I am now a master in HTML/CSS and Javascript.  Since most future work is probably going to be for the web, I thought this was a good investment.  I like the modern HTML elements, I learned a bit about SASS which I knew nothing about before.

The other "win" is with Javascript.  I could get simple things done in JS, but I feel much more equipped to do something "real" with it.  They even had courses on Bootstrap and Ember (with an Angular course coming).  Although I probably couldn't write an Ember app from scratch without a lot of help, I did learn quite a bit and it solidified some concepts.

So, with those two tracks accomplished, I'm excited to get back to Ruby and Rails.  I've even thought of a couple of ideas of apps I want to of which should be really fun if a few details pan out and when I get it working.

So, I'm going to get busy with Ruby, but I might just make the Rails project to provide the backend for an Ember app. We'll see where this all leads.

One last thing that I'll probably put on twitter also: I'm bummed that I'll never use this at my employer, so yes, I'm on the market for a progressive Perl or Ruby or Python shop.  I'm ready to experience agile, pair programming, and modern web techniques.

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