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September 28, 2014


So, I recently tweeted about my personality type. I'm not exactly sure what lead me down this "personality test" road again.  I think it was linked in some article from LinkedIn.  What I found more interesting this time is the result: 'INT J'.  Huh?

I had never heard of this 'INT J' before.  What was this?  Well, I read the whole description..and I keep reading it.  I cannot believe how this fits me...perfectly.

Just check out some of the quotes:

"INTJs need and want to know why things are the way the are."

"Although quietness pervades, INTs are capable of being real chatterboxes, but not in general or small talk—only on issues which are important to them or which stimulate them."

"INTJs love the intellectual challenge and will come to the fore when there are difficult problems to solve"

"INTJs will overturn established practice by being forward-thinking and truly radical."

"They excel at deep diving and working on the unique, interesting, and complex."

"INTJs love developing unique solutions to complex problems"

I'm just shocked.  It's like someone finally understands me.  Looking back, when I've done the best, a lot, if not all, of these things were happening.  Conversely, when I get frustrated, very few, if any of these are happening.

So, how do I capitalize on this information?  My first thought was to search for "what careers fit INT j".

The fourth result gives ideas about attributes to pursue or avoid.  Go read them, they fit me perfectly...again.

The first result suggests the following:

Possible Career Path for the INTJ:
   Professors and Teachers
   Medical Doctors / Dentists
   Corporate Strategists and Organization Builders
   Business Administrators / Managers
   Military Leaders
   Lawyers / Attorneys
   Computer Programmers or Systems Analysts

None of this is much of a surprise, I guess.  I'm already doing that last one, and I generally like IT stuff (but I also like science and engineering.  Perhaps this means I should finally pursue that masters degree?  I pursued this for a bit in the last 90's, but never really got started.

The idea of pursuing a masters is intriguing, but I feel like I  should repeat my bachelors in Computer Science because so much time has passed and many things have changed.

I don't know what I'm going to do, but I know that any change will require work and time that is at a premium right now.

Let's see where this goes.