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So, I recently tweeted about my personality type. I'm not exactly sure what lead me down this "personality test" road again.  I think it was linked in some article from LinkedIn.  What I found more interesting this time is the result: 'INT J'.  Huh?

I had never heard of this 'INT J' before.  What was this?  Well, I read the whole description..and I keep reading it.  I cannot believe how this fits me...perfectly.

Just check out some of the quotes:

"INTJs need and want to know why things are the way the are."

"Although quietness pervades, INTs are capable of being real chatterboxes, but not in general or small talk—only on issues which are important to them or which stimulate them."

"INTJs love the intellectual challenge and will come to the fore when there are difficult problems to solve"

"INTJs will overturn established practice by being forward-thinking and truly radical."

"They excel at deep diving and working on …