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July 22, 2020

Scala to Haskell

I previously wrote about switching my learning efforts from Haskell to Scala.  I've switched back. ;)

It was a combination of things.  I was enjoying Scala, but had this nagging feeling about being able to fall back to OOP concepts if I couldn't figure out how to do things in FP style.  This was nagging me as I was working on my ray tracer.  I was enjoying the book "Functional Programming Simplified" though.  I'll go back an finish that at some point.

A few weeks ago, a coworker asked me to do a lunch and learn presentation that I had once said I'd do.  Well, that was around a year ago that I said I'd do something on Haskell.  Then, holidays happened, there were scheduling difficulties and the whole pandemic started.  In the intervening months, I had switched to Scala.  So, I said "yes" anyway.

I started trying to prepare a L&L presentation on Haskell and realized that I remembered some things and that I had not given Haskell enough energy to learn.  This started me back on Haskell with fresh eyes.

I've started a ray tracer, of course.  I'm liking it more this time.  I'm forced to think harder and dive into Haskell libraries and pure FP techniques.

So, I now to finish the book and ray tracer this time, no matter what.  Then I can move on to another project.  Maybe a bowling kata?  We'll see.