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Suspending my suspension of disbelief

I watch The Walking Dead and generally enjoy it.  As I write this, the last episode I've seen was "Internment" from Season 4.

Rick had kicked Carol to the curb in the previous episode and had come back by himself.  He and Carl had to fend off a "herd" of zombies that decided to push harder on the fence.  Most of the others are sick, tending to the sick, or looking for medicine.

We discuss such things at work and this past discussion has once again brought up some recycled topics for us:

Idea 1 - get bigger guns We know from previous seasons, there are Hummers around.  Certainly there are some with .50 cal mounted guns.  Get some and park them for when the fence breaks ( see ideas 2 & 3 )

Idea 2 - tie a bunch of zombies to the fence Michonne proved that you can just remove their jaws and arms, rendering them "not dangerous".  Then tie them up around the fence.  The prison will now smell like zombies and the other zombies will likely move …