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Functional Programming

When I went to college, I was a Computer Science major.  We worked in Pascal 99% of the time.  I remember how we distinguished the two ways of modularizing your Pascal: functions and procedures.  Functions always return something, procedures didn't. 

I don't remember Functional Programming mentioned specifically, but it certainly must have come up in the context of Lisp since we touched on that in a programming languages overview class.  In any case, there has always been this lingering desire to learn more about Functional Programming.

Skipping ahead, life sort of happened, and I never quite got around to it.  Sadly, so many things I wanted could be described like that.  Well, it's time that changed.  I'm making a concerted effort to level up my skills and learn by doing.

Sometime in the last few years, I became aware of the Elixir programming language.  Since I work in Ruby daily, Elixir is a good choice in terms of cognitive overload.  The syntax is approachable and…