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Casting Doubt

So, I'm going about my day when I see this come across Twitter.  So I go and read it.

Wow.  Let's go through it.

It opens with:
Are you trying to bring modern development practices to a… less-than-modern software development environment? Uh, yeah, I have been for over 2 years.

Then he lists the warning signs:

SilosYup, this kind of "bigger picture" stuff is rarely shared, and only after there's been an issue.VisibilitySurprisingly no.  Most everything we have is at least in SVN."We're too busy for maintenance"That's a definite "yes".
Does my current employer have a problem?  Yup.
I've been trying to just get simple things accomplished for over two years now.  We're talking little things, like upgrading Perl to something in the last decade and writing unit tests.
Of those two, only the Perl upgrade has any traction (also strangely with a move from Windows to Linux).  However, we are on year two of the upgrade and are in exactly th…

...and it begins

Ok, let's let the cat out of the bag, today I ran the following in my Cloud 9 workspace:

rails new name-that-book

Exciting isn't it?

One idea I had was to recreate something like the old "Name That Tune" show.  In the show, contestants had to name the tune in as few of notes as possible.

I intend to recreate that with music, but let's start with something that might be a bit easier.

So, I still need to start fleshing out all the ideas, features, and details, but at least I've got a repo to hold some of my original thoughts and code on this.

The first step, I think, is to ignore the front end and get a backend RESTful thingy working with tests.

May this be my first baby step into a new job.

Wish me luck.


So, I said earlier that I was out to become a "Rubyist".  This is still true, and I'm finally ready to get back on that wagon.  What have I been doing?  Well, I've been spending time on CodeSchool.  I found a Groupon a while back and just went for it.

I'm pretty happy with CodeSchool so far.  According to them I am now a master in HTML/CSS and Javascript.  Since most future work is probably going to be for the web, I thought this was a good investment.  I like the modern HTML elements, I learned a bit about SASS which I knew nothing about before.

The other "win" is with Javascript.  I could get simple things done in JS, but I feel much more equipped to do something "real" with it.  They even had courses on Bootstrap and Ember (with an Angular course coming).  Although I probably couldn't write an Ember app from scratch without a lot of help, I did learn quite a bit and it solidified some concepts.

So, with those two tracks accomplished, I…