It's been a while

 I don't put the effort into this that I thought I would.  Regardless, I thought I would just say "out loud" that I think Elix...

May 10, 2021

 I have recently waffled between Haskell and Scala in terms of learning.  Well, I'm back on Scala. :)

I've found that working with OOP and trying to completely change how I think to do FP in Haskell was really tough.   I wanted to make things a little easier on myself, so I'm back with Scala, but 80% OOP and 20% FP.

The real thing I'm looking to dig deeper is the type system, but in a little bit more familiar territory.

So, to that end, I've tried taking a little more practical approach.  I have started my learning scala site.

The purpose of that is to build a site, while I learn.  It combines Scala and the Play framework.

I was turned onto Essential Play book by somebody on the Corecursive podcast, and it's been very useful.  I was figuring some basic things out, and go stuck on how to connect to a DB and manage the schema and migrations.  Hopefully this book will help with that as well.

As I make some progress I hope to write these sort of posts there as well.  I'm hoping it can prove useful to others trying to learn the same material.