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September 30, 2019

Haskell Continued...

My meetup to learn Haskell was a success in the sense of meeting new people. There have been a core 5-6 that have shown up with varying levels of Haskell knowledge. I think we gave it an earnest effort with our original book choice.

At this point, some people were looking for a project, and some showed interest in related languages. I have chosen to continue down the Haskell path, but this time with another book.  I like the approach of this book much better and am able to follow along much more than before.

Now I still don’t understand all of it but these things take time. ;)  The code related to this book is available here.  So, that is what I’m doing with Haskell for the foreseeable future.

Since there were other interests, and we weren’t really going through the book anymore, we did decide to move the group in a more generic direction.  It is now called Des Moines Functional Programming.

I’m happy that I have found others with similar interests and am hopeful that more will be able to make it out in the future.