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June 23, 2019

Haskell Meetup


Yes, Haskell! ;)

Super simple Haskell

module Stuff where

f n :: Integer -> Integer
f n = n + 1

I’m attracted to technology of all sorts. Recently my interests have skewed towards Functional Programming and related programming languages. I get frustrated with the mundane day-to-day and look for drastically different things to help solve issues.

FP and static typing are two of those things.

I think that was the driver in the back of my head when I decided to learn Haskell. I’m not that social, generally, so I forced myself to seek out other people by announcing my intentions on Twitter.
It took over a week, but I was quite tickled to see how many other people showed interest. Not all have been able to show up, but there is a core group of about 6 others who have been able to make it consistently.

After the first 7 chapters, Haskell has been “weird”, “offputting”, and “interesting”. It has definitely a bit hard to learn. This was the most suprising part to me, I think, because I chose this book.

I’m committed to finishing this book, but I may also seek out some other resources afterwards (possibly during) to see how other people approach it.

I’m going to continue. Notes answers, and other code is available via the GitHub link below:

View on GitHub

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